Mechanical Design Corporation

Innovative product designs which will meet your specifications, safety standards and budget.

The engineers at Mechanical Design Corporation have been designing and manufacturing pipe testing and plugging solutions for over twenty years. With over thirty years field experience in the pipeline industry, we have installed, tested and have been troubleshooting piping systems throughout all industries.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience you can be assured that we will quickly understand your project and advise and deliver the optimal pipe testing or plugging solution.
We specialize in the design and manufacturing of a variety of pipe testing and plugging solutions. Select a category below to learn more.

Offering products and solutions including but not limited to Pipe Plugs, Bulkheads, O.D. Pipe Test Plugs/Cap Plugs, Nuclear Plugs, Underware/Offshore Plugs, Foreign Material Exclusion Plugs, Caps, Covers (FME), Double Block and Bleed Plugs, Fail Safe Plugs, Flange Weld Testers and Pipe Joint Testers.

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of a variety of pipe testing and plugging solutions

Nuclear Plugs

Plugs and tools for the nuclear industry.

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Underwater &
Offshore Plugs

Offshore/underwater plugs for the petroleum and shipping industry

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Round, square and irregular shapes

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American Made

Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A

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Pipe Plugs

pipe plug, pipe plugs, bulkheads

Available in sizes to 240" ( 20' ) and to pressures of 15,000 Psig (1000 bar)
Pipe plugs are used for the isolation of piping systems during testing, repair and maintenance. Pipe plugs can be used for bypassing damaged sections of piping and for the testing of piping systems during construction. These pipe plugs can be used to verify the leak tightness of piping systems prior to putting the piping system into service. They are also used to individually test the integrity of pipe connections i.e. welds, couplings, mechanical joints, gaskets.

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