Mechanical Design Corporation Products

Mechanical Design Corporation specializes in the design and manufacturing of a variety of pipe testing and plugging solutions.
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Pipe Plugs

Pipe plugs are used for the isolation of piping systems during testing, repair and maintenance... More


Bulkheads are used for the isolation of tunnels, doors, aqueducts, channels during construction, outages or for repair and maintenance... More

O.D. Pipe Test Plugs/Cap Plugs

O.D. Test plugs are installed over the outside diameter of the pipe instead of traditional test plugs that are installed inside the pipe bore... More

Nuclear Plugs

We have provided numerous plugs and tools for the nuclear industry... More

Underwater & Offshore Plugs

We have provided numerous Offshore/underwater plugs for the petroleum and shipping industry... More

Foreign Material Exclusion Plugs, Caps, Covers (FME)

Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) is the term used to describe the process and practices for preventing the introduction of foreign objects into an undesired location... More

Double Block and Bleed Plugs

The double block and bleed plugs are primarily used in the petroleum industry to isolate combustible gases and vapors from hot work areas on piping systems when doing welding modifications and repairs to the system... More

Fail Safe Plugs

Fail Safe Plugs are special custom plugs/tools used for remotely plugging nozzles or openings in vessels where the entry to the plugging location is too dangerous for an operator to handle the plug... More

Flange Weld Testers

The Flange Weld Tester is a tool designed to test the butt or socket weld joint that connects the flange to the pipeline... More

Pipe Joint Testers

Joint testers are used for testing joints in a pipeline individually... More