O.D. Pipe Test Plugs - Cap Plugs

O.D. Pipe Test Plugs - Cap Plugs available in sizes to 240" ( 20' ) and to pressures of 15,000 Psig (1000 bar)

O.D. Test plugs are installed over the outside diameter of the pipe instead of traditional test plugs that are installed inside the pipe bore.
These type plugs are used where the inside diameter has corrosion, blockages or varies in size so that a traditional internal pipe plug would either not fit or seal in these conditions.
The O.D. test plugs are designed to seal and grip on the outside of the pipe/tube surface.
O.D. Pipe Test Plugs/ Cap Plugs are used for the isolation of piping systems during testing, repair and maintenance.
O.D. Pipe Test Plugs/ Cap Plugs can be used for bypassing damaged sections of piping and for the testing of piping systems during construction. These pipe plugs can be used to verify the leak tightness of piping systems prior to putting the piping system into service. They are also used to individually test the integrity of pipe connections ie, welds, couplings, mechanical joints, gaskets.
Our O.D. Pipe Plugs/Caps provide positive "seal" against pipeline test pressures and positive "hold" ( restraint) against total pipe pressure force.

Materials of construction of the pipe plug body are typically "light weight" corrosion resistant aluminum. If your requirements need another material we can provide:
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Cast iron
Other materials available,... just ask!

Material of construction for the seals (elastomers) can be any of the following:
EPDM - Ethylene Propylene
Neoprene Chloroprene
Buna-N Nitrile
Natural rubber
SBR - Butadiene Styrene
Viton® Fluorinated Hydrocarbon
High temperature seals
* Viton® and Kalrez® are registered trademark of Du Pont Dow Elastomers