Pipe Joint Testers

Pipe Joint Testers available in sizes to 240" ( 20' ) and to pressures of 15,000 Psig (1000 bar)

Joint testers are used for testing joints in a pipeline individually. This precludes the requirement to fill the system with fluid to test joints and then having to deal with disposal of the large quantity of liquid. A joint tester consists of a cylinder that has 2 sealing rings installed in grooves at each end of the cylinder. The joint tester is installed into the pipeline and the seals straddle the joint to be tested. . The seals are then actuated and the annular space between the seals becomes a fluid tight space allowing the introduction of fluid to test the joint for leakage. Water or air can be used as the testing fluid. After the test is complete the joint tester can be relocated down the pipeline to the next joint to be tested.

The joint testers can test all types of pipe joints:
Weld joints
Mechanical joints
Grouted joints
Push -on joints
Fusion welded joints.

Available in the following configurations:
ID tester
OD tester
Flange weld tester
Complete pipe tester
Multi-sized tester