Flange Weld Testers

The Flange Weld Tester is a tool designed to test the butt or socket weld joint that connects the flange to the pipeline.

The FWT allows the operator to test the weld joint without having to test the complete piping system.
The Flange Weld Tester is comprised of a mating flange and an integral internal pipe plug.
When installed the small annular space between the flange gasket and the internal pipe seal can be pressurized allowing the operator to check the joint for leakage.
Available in flange classes 150, 300, 600 and pressures up to 5000 psig.

Materials of construction of the FWT body are typically "light weight" corrosion resistant aluminum. If your requirements need another material we can provide:
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Cast iron
Other materials available,... just ask!