Bulkheads available in sizes to 240" ( 20' ) and to pressures of 150 Psig (10 bar)

Bulkheads can be provided with access manways for personnel passage. In cases of limited access the bulkhead can be ordered in "split design" where the sections of bulkhead can be passed through a smaller opening and then assembled at the desired location.

These Bulkheads built to the customers size, shape and configuration:
Round bulkheads
Square bulkheads
Irregular shaped bulkheads

Bulkheads are used for the isolation of tunnels, doors, aqueducts, channels during construction, outages or for repair and maintenance. Bulkheads can be installed with cranes or can be diver or ROV installed in remote or underwater locations.

Some additional applications are:
Dam penstock plugging
Plugs for blocking flows in culverts
Night caps for newly installed sections during construction
Debris dams for clean work
Men work platforms in vertical shafts
FME (Foreign material exclusion)